Shok-SpotR™ is a calibrated sensor that visually warns you of a significant impact to your helmet. It mounts on your helmet shell permanently and easily, in a small, attractive, ultra-lightweight housing. When activated, Shok-SpotR™ alerts you to stop using your helmet and have it inspected by its manufacturer.

Parents Note: Did you know that an empty helmet can be damaged by abuse? If your child has a riding or boarding accident, or loans his or her helmet to a friend, are you sure you'll find out about it? Shok-SpotR™ helps you keep track of these issues.




Yorba Safety Concepts is proud to introduce the first device developed specifically to help take care of your most important piece of protective gear: your helmet.

Helmets designed for most of today’s sports provide extraordinary protection. But their manufacturers warn users that a helmet is good for one impact, and one impact only. A visual examination will often not reveal helmet damage, which can occur either during a sporting accident or during general abusive treatment. And a damaged helmet won’t do its job when you need it to.


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